Board Meeting Wien 2018


Vom 04.10.2018 bis 05.10.2018 fand in Wien eine Vorstandsitzung des EWFC statt. Neben administrativer Verbandsarbeit wurden auch lebensmittelrechtliche Themen, wie z.B. "General Food Law Commission document bullet Points", diskutiert. Es ist zu diesem Thema beabsichtigt, eine Stellungnahme des EWFC an die EU-Kommission zu schicken. Im Vorfeld dieser Vorstandssitzung hat der V.L.O.K. eine Umfrage an die Eu-Verbandsmitglieder gestellt.




“Do private controls (such as IFS) have an influence on the official control frequency in your country”?


(Ergebnis siehe beiliegende Zusammenfassung)




Nachstehende Vertreter nahmen an der Verbandstagung teil:


Stephane Touzet F, Ron Spellman UK, Rudi Brunnbauer A, Sean Butler IRL, Larry Lyons IRL, Angus Lowden UK, Barbara Enzensperger D, Mascha Weihe D, Corinne Jung LUX, Jeremy Thomas UK, Jan Homma NL, Frits Schoenmakar NL, Philippe Clavelin F, Gunther Fruhwirth A, Sylvia Palais B, Benoit Meurisse B, Katrien Vekeman B, Bruno Lagae B, Josef Schulze-Spuntrup D


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European Commission publishes draft proposals for delegated acts modifying regulation 2017/625

Im Dezember 2019 treten diese delegierten Akte zur offiziellen Kontrolle für Lebensmittel tierischen Ursprungs in Kraft.

Mitglieder der EWFC überprüften den veröffentlichten Text und verfassten einen kurzen Bericht über ihre Ergebnisse.

delegated acts
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Vorstandsitzung des EWFC in Lyon vom 15.05. - 17.05.2014

Short abstract

Paticipants: Stephane Touzet (F), Ron Spellman (UK), Serge Losch (L), Angus Lowden (UK), Ian Robinson (UK), John Butler (IRL), Hans Bervoets (NL), Günther Frühwirth (A), Sylvia Palais (B), Jean Michel Pinel (F), Philippe Clavelin (F)



President Ian Robinson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Secretary General Stephane Touzet introduced the new French Vice President, Jean Michel Pine. He controls aspects of horse breeding in which he is concerned with animal health and welfare. There was also another new member of the French team present, Philippe Clavelin.


  • Discussing the action list
  • Report
  • Reports EWFC cooperation with other organisations
  • Günther Frühwirth gave a presentation on the food inspection system in Austria. Austria is a federal state, composed of 9 Länder. Inspectors were not employed by the national government they were employed by their Länder. The Austrian association organises the training of all Austrian food inspectors.
  • Presentation Serge Losch: Another presentation was then given by Serge telling colleagues what he had learned recently about TB.This disease had been around for thousands of years.One particular strain had been found in Bison that was believed to be 17,000 years old. Originally strains were divided into two brackets (Koch). Those, which affected man and those, which did not. It was later found, however, that some of those believed not to be dangerous were in fact transmissible to man. Elephants and big cats, such as lions and tigers, were exceptionally vulnerable to the disease. Thirty percent of the human population produced a positive reaction to the TB test but only 5 percent of the population went on to develop the full disease. Most animal lesions are found in the sub max and mediastinal lymph nodes. Most cases of TB were found during official post mortem meat inspection. M. caprae is a rising pathogen also in humans but not looked for yet by most of the labs.From the first of June 2014 sub maxillary lymph nodes in pigs containing TB lesions will be minced into human food. It is not clear if this will be a risk to human health.
  • The next board meeting would be in the Netherlands. It would be from Wednesday the 29th of October 2014 to the 1st of November. The meeting would end on Friday evening so that everyone could return home on Saturday



EWFC - General assembly in Gent/Belgium from October 23rd to October 25th

In the beautiful city of Gent in the heart of Belgium, EWFC gathered last weekend for their general assembly, that is held every two years.

The Belgian colleagues proved again to be excellent hosts. The board wishes to express their gratitude to them and their supporters.

At the end of the meeting, after a 2 year Presidency on behalf of the Netherlands, Jan Homma handed over the stick to Ian Robinson, who will lead EWFC on behalf of the United Kingdom for the next 2 years. With him EWFC is in capable hands, and proceeds on a continues trip with lots of interesting and challenging topics on its way.